The history of
Dastid Miluka

How did it start

The work of Dastid Miluka, interplay between his childhood dreams and a grown-up discovery, this collection explores the visions that started at a tender age and still inspires him today.

In his creations, Dastid plays with characters that evolve through a hide and seek game of reality and fantasies. A parade of contrasting worlds, lush colors, light and motion, these creations, explore a theater of people and imaginative places that coexist in harmony.

The whole concept of Dastid's work is to create a feeling of a nostalgic journey in the past by using a present language. This is another way of communicating through the visible and the invisible parts of such exceptional memories. Oneiric figures, characters and places, all come together with the purpose to recreate a whole imaginative, old and new story. It is another way of a symbolic storytelling by putting together parts of every creation, which literally and metaphorically communicate with the viewer through their own allegorical language.


1996-2000 University of Arts, Graduate in Scenography and Costume Design, Tirana, Albania (Equivalence recognized by the Government of French Community of Belgium, Degree in Fine, Visual and Space Arts)

1989-1993 Art School "Jordan Misja", Art Section: Painting, Drawing, Scenography, Costume Design, Tirana, Albania

Art Exhibition

2021-2022 Exhibition “Le désir", 26, Place Denfert-Rochereau, Paris 14, France

2021-2022 Exhibition “Voyage onirique", Espace Delahaut, 10 Square S. Hoedemaekers, 1140 Brussels, Belgium

2020-2021 Exhibition “Extra small", Maison des Arts, 147 Chaussée de Haecht, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

2020-2021 Exhibition “Fantasia 98-21“,Credins Bank , Rr.Vaso Pasha, Nr 8, Tirane, Albania

2018-2019 Exhibition "Habitat & The Spaces Between", Bujtina e Gjelit, Rr. Don Bosco, Nr 1, Tirane, Albania

2017-2018 Participation at "ART 1030, Parcours d'Artistes de Schaerbeek", 18 Rue de L'Est, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

2015-2016 Presented by BluArt Gallery at WOPART Artfair 2016 in Lugano, Switzerland

2014-2015 Participation at "ART 1030, Parcours d'Artistes de Schaerbeek", 18 Rue de L'Est, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

2013-2014 Exhibition "ALLEGORIA", 15 Rue Gustave Fuss, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

2012-2013 Exhibition at "Gallery XXL", 503, Chaussée de Waterloo, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

2012-2013 Participation at 1st edition Eclectic Art Fair, Belfry, Market Square, Brugge, Belgium

2011-2012 Participation at "Art in Properties", Domaine de Cureghem, 45-49 Rue des Vétérinaires, 1070 Brussels, Belgium

2011-2012 Participation at "ART 1030, Parcours d'Artistes de Schaerbeek", 18 Rue de L'Est, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

2011-2012 Participation at 2nd edition of "Artistes du Monde", Salon du Port de Cannes-Croisette, Cannes, France

2011-2012 Participation at 1st edition AAAF, Radisson Blu Park Lane Hotel, 34 Van Eycklei, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

2011-2012 Exhibition “St Valentine”, Gallery Garden-Begramoff, Rue Stevin, 206 B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

2010-2011 Exhibition “ZythoPlasto” , Abbey of Dieleghem, Rue Tiebackxstraat 14, 1090 Brussels, Belgium.

2010-2011 Participation at 8th edition BAAF, Conrad Brussels Hotel, 71 Avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

2010-2011 Exhibition « Portrait », Chapelle de l'Institut Sainte Famille, 7 Rue Chaumontel, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

2010-2011 Participation at 3rd edition AAF, Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port, 86c B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

2010-2011 Exhibition « Tout est Mini », The Gallery Garden, Rue Stevin, 206 B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

2010-2011 Exhibition, Gallery "De Lange Litanie", 91, Hugo Verriestsraat, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium

2009-2010 Festival du Touquet, Godon Trophy, 2nd Edition, Palais des Congres, Le Touquet, Paris Plage, France

2008-2009 Exhibition, Embassy of Albania, 109 B, Anna Paulownastraat, 2518BD, Hague, Netherlands

2007-2008 Stage director & Set Design for the Show Tirana-Brussels, Project Balkan Trafik, Palais des Beaux Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

2006-2007 Exhibition "BRXL BRAVO", "La Maison des Cultures", Rue Mommaerts 4, 1080 Brussels, Belgium

2003-2004 Exhibition, "Musée d'Evere", Rue Eduart Stuckens, 11/13, Evere, Brussels, Belgium

2003-2004 Exhibition, "Aux Vieux Comptoir", Avenue Henri Conscience 206, Evere, Brussels, Belgium

2003-2004 Set Design for the Association Davidsfonds, Espace Toots, Evere, Brussels, Belgium

2000-2002 Performed Various Set Designs and participates in several group exhibitions, Tirana, Albania